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Attention Safety Communicators: Do you want everyone Speaking the Same Language on Safety?

Your workforce is going to give you about one minute to convince them to work safely.

Do you know what to say, or write, in those first 60 seconds?

Employees quickly tune out when they hear bland, irrelevant safety messages.  For too long they have been fed complicated, legalistic communication written for compliance that totally ignores that people actually want to feel safe at work.

What is needed is a new and easy way to create compelling, targeted risk communication that catches attention and keeps it.  Yet, at the same time builds a safe, thriving and productive environment.  This new way is “Transforming Your Safety Communication.”

This is the book for you, if you want to:

  • Create clear, consistent safety messages, so everyone works to a common standard.
  • Understand the psychology behind why people don’t listen.
  • Engage workers on safety, no matter how cynical.
  • Learn how to produce authentic and heart felt communication that builds trust.
  • Quickly generate relevant safety communication with easy to use frameworks and templates.
  • Accelerate your communication skills to boost your career prospects.

If you want to be the inspirational safety leader that you’ve always dreamed of being, then get your copy today.


The Key Features

This book is broken down into six sections. Sections 1-4 provide the theory and examples to grab attention, be memorable and positively influence people to change behaviour.

While Sections 5-6 are all about how to create safety communication with lots of tips and templates. These are the “doing” chapters to get you up and running quickly.

  • #1 f1


    Discover the Proven Safety Communication Framework

  • #2 f2


    Capture Your Audience’s Attention

  • #3 f3


    Achieve Memorable Safety Communication

  • #4 f1


    Get the Effective SELLSAFE Communication System

  • #5 f2


    Transform your Safety Communication

  • #6 f3


    5 Templates to Make Safety Messages Stick

About Marie-Claire Ross

After having completed her Honors degree at Monash University in sociology (with a Psychology major), Marie-Claire began her career at top Australian market research company (ACNielsen), to research consumer and business behaviour. At AC Nielsen, she worked with well renowned advertising agencies and communication consultancies to test their communication campaigns to provide relevant advice for improved results.

Marie-Claire crafted her word-savvy skills from analyzing research data and having to communicate the results succinctly for time-poor marketing and business executives.

For 13 years, she has been an executive producer writing scripts for marketing and training videos at Digicast Productions in order to influence and engage, as well as articles on communication that have been published worldwide. Her popular Workplace Communicator blog is read by close to 10,000 people each month.

Marie-Claire has worked with both Australian and international companies such as CSR, Murray Goulburn, Incitec Pivot, BlueScope Steel and Country Fire Authority to create engaging videos that reduce injuries and remove the “mystery” behind procedures.

She values authentic, simple heart-felt communication and is passionate about helping safety communicators better deliver their safety messages, in order to reduce workplace risk. She’s also a keen observer of human behaviour.

Marie-Claire has appeared as a guest speaker on Sky Business News and interviewed for BRW. She’s also been awarded two Learnx Gold Awards for “Best Use of Video in a Training Program”.

In her spare time, she loves to read business and human behaviour books, cook vegetarian food, play with her children (by getting them to read), jog and dance (but not at the same time).




SELLSAFE framework
SELLSAFE is the art of turning your safety communication into engaging and memorable safety communication. It’s about getting people to listen to the message, rather than switch off.

When it comes to any highly effective safety communication, it’s important that you:

  • Grab people’s attention –
  • Help workers easily understand what they need to do
  • Encourage employees to remember important information
  • Change behaviour, so that people work safely.
  • Ensure that everyone consistently understands the information with no confusion.

After many years of helping companies with their safety communication, what I have discovered is that there are eight essential elements that need to be included for best results. These elements combine both left brain and right brain information that help readers better process and recall your information. Understanding these elements also helps you write really easy to understand safety communication that works towards positively changing safety behaviours. It’s called this the SELLSAFE formula that includes:

Simple Emotion Look Lasting

Story Authority Focus Energy

The eight important elements are:

1. Simple messages – Humans can only learn and remember so much information at once. The more information you give people, the more they can get paralysed by it. Prioritising information by providing a clear message, rescues people from having to work out what to do next.

2. Emotion – Emotionally charged events burn the experience onto our brain. Our brains have evolved to learn from emotional events so that we don’t put ourselves in danger.

3. Look and Feel – Make sure that when promoting your safety message, in a variety of mediums, that you use the same colours, font style, language, message and design. This is because it creates a mental model for readers and enhances their understanding of the topic. It’s also got to look good (if it looks amateurish, people will ignore it)

4. Lasting – Create long-lasting messages by repeating your message in multiple places, multiple times. It’s important that you repeat your message so that people see it at least 4-7 times. After all, the more people see a message, the more they believe it.

5. Stories – Our right brain prefers stories. We remember stories better than if we were just told facts. They provide an emotional connection to information.

6. Authority – One way humans determine what is correct is to look at what other people are doing. In particular, we view behaviour as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it.

7. Focus – One of the reasons why you see so much bad safety communication is because the majority of communication tries to be all things to all people. All safety communication requires a clear goal or objective that focuses on one topic.

8. Energy (Action) – In safety communication, it’s all about getting people to think about the safety issue and make changes to their behaviour. Always end your safety communication with the action you require.

By incorporating all of these elements, you will create really authentic safety communication that is easy to understand.

Find out about them in more detail, by ordering your copy of “Transform Your Safety Communication” today.


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Transform your Safety Leadership


Transform Your Safety Communication is available in three different formats.

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Transform Your Safety Communication

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Q: Who do I contact?

A: You can contact me (Marie-Claire Ross) at or call on 03 9696 4400.

For media enquiries, also contact Marie-Claire Ross.  Download the TYSC media kit.

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