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HSW Magazine Review (UK)


October 3, 2014

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Safeguard Magazine, New Zealand

Safeguard NZClick on picture to read

August 26, 2014

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American Society of Engineers – Professional Safety Magazine

ASSE July 2014.  Positive recommendation written by Jeffery Camplin M.S., CSP, CPEA


July 13, 2014

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Safetyatwork blog, Kevin Jones review

See why Kevin Jones recommends this book, Transform Your Safety Communication.

May 8, 2014

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SHP reviewClick on picture to read. SHP Online (April 2014 magazine)

May 8, 2014

James Roughton, CSP, Six Sigma Black Belt, Author

Are you looking for a resource to help you communicate your safety efforts more effectively?

The resource that I am talking about is “Transform Your Safety Communication”.” written by Marie-Claire Ross. It is chocked full of good information that you can use to enhance your safety process.

Marie-Claire states in her book “Humans can only learn and remember so much information at once. The more information you give people, the more they get paralyzed by it.” Unfortunately this statement is so true, as safety professionals sometimes tend to overwhelm employees with a lot of information to absorb. Many times we think that training and retraining employees will solve a problem. But in reality, this is only a crutch and short term fix that we use.

Part 2 of the book discusses “two types of emotional content for you to work with surprise and fear.” I believe that this part of the book will help you make you think more about the emotions of how people react with training
My favorite parts of the book is Chapter 5, stories were Marie-Claire states “To use stories effectively, as a leader you must learn to see the relationship between one thing and another (just like metaphors). You must also design stories that change the mind and behaviour of your audience.”

I have found throughout my career that telling stories to make a point has a greater impact on the learning ability of anyone.

All and all, this is a great book that I would recommend for your bookshelf. I can see you constantly referring to this book to reevaluate your communication process.

May 7, 2014

Maurits Funke-Kupper, Senior Risk Management Consultant, FSE Global Pty Ltd

This has provided me with valuable insight into the philosophy behind effective communication and managed to keep me entertained at the same time. An enjoyable, must-read for anyone required to relay messages effectively.

January 21, 2014

Michael Carney, HSE Manager, StarTrack

This Go To book is just that. You will go to this book daily. This book is made easy for the Super Busy Safety Professional - we have no spare time - this is simple and easy to understand." One way to describe it is - "Safety Communication for the Dummies". There are no big words or miracle theories, but common sense approach with an advertising flair. Without the cost. This Guide has changed my whole thinking on communication. While based on Safety, I see this guide transforming all Company Departments communication methods, especially Operations. I particularly enjoyed your correlations of your real life examples with your themes. I also enjoyed the Visual Summary Tips.

I recommend this Book/Guide to ALL Safety Personnel and Managers alike. It is a very interesting and easy to read guide that will encourage you to look at the way you communicate in a different light. Well done, Marie-Claire! A thoroughly enjoyable read and will now take the place of my Dictionary as the most used book on my desk.

January 14, 2014

Christopher J Langley, National HSE Manager, Higgins Coatings

Marie-Claire Ross’s book, “Transform Your Safety Communication,” is a fantastic resource for any safety professional passionate in developing a successful safety campaign. I wish I had come across this book earlier in my career as I found the simple marketing techniques, examples and templates invaluable for planning my next safety improvement project.

The links to web pages throughout the book assisted in making the numerous examples relatable to real world challenges and I especially appreciated the style of writing that make the book easy to follow. Finally, I highly recommend this book to any manager that is planning any marketing campaign and in particular a safety improvement project.

December 19, 2013

Rob Morphew, CRSP, EP Director, HSE, Calgary Co-op

A powerful read. If you ever thought you had safety communication and the challenges with it figured out, read this book, not once, but twice. The first time, the little bells will go off, the second time, you start to think about how much it all makes sense. Marie-Claire has done a wonderful job of writing about how to build a safety campaign so it is effective.



December 19, 2013

Paul Harper, CEO / Principal Mining Engineer, AMC Consultants

“It is not what you say, but how you say it.” If you want to engage others and change their behaviour through effective communication then this book is for you. This book follows its own message in that; it is engaging, makes you think, and above all gives you a different perspective on how we, as people, see and hear what we want to see and hear. I highly recommend the SELLSAFE system as a toolkit that can assist you to improve safety and business performance.

December 19, 2013

Tamara Frigot, Regional SHEQ Manager, Hyder Consulting

We are constantly bombarded with marketing messages convincing us to consume products that we know adversely affect our health and wellbeing. Imagine using these same powerful techniques to ensure safe and healthy workplaces.

Marie-Claire Ross’ book “Transform Your Safety Communication”, reveals these powerful techniques, why they work and most importantly how they can be applied in effectively communicating safety messages. Marie-Claire recognises: that we as safety professionals care deeply about the safety, health and wellbeing of workers and has provided the necessary tools, references and templates to achieve workplace transformation through simple yet powerful communication. I recommend this work as offering something for every person who cares about effective safety communication. You will find at least one, if not many more, strategies to transform your communication from ordinary to inspiring.

December 19, 2013

Vicki Mutton, WHSE Coordinator, SKILLED SA

I found the book easy to read and the safety information will be very useful to all working in safety. The information is written in such away that keeps the reader interested. I enjoyed reading this book. I did like the conversation style as it made the information for me more personal. Having the main points of information in bold reinforced for me the points that you wanted me to take from each chapter.

December 19, 2013

Rachel Murphy, Health Safety and Compliance Coordinator, IHBI Queensland University of Technology

When I started my role, I quickly realised that if I wanted my colleague’s behaviours to change for the better, I needed to sell it, not tell it, to them. But how was I going to do that?

I’m a scientist, turned safety professional, not a psychologist. My communication skills needed some development, but apart from scientific writing, the various arts of communication weren’t taught in any of my university studies. I wanted information but needed practical guidance.

When presented with the opportunity to read this book, I jumped at it – the title enticed and filled me with anticipation. Once I started it, I knew that this was exactly what I needed. Simple sound theory backed up with experience, filled with tips and examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly of safety communication, finishing with a “how to” guide. For the busy person, the chapter summaries were perfect to get quickly to the practical implementation of Marie-Claire’s marketing knowledge.

Even better is that she covers various forms of media and shows you how to integrate them into a campaign strategy that your colleagues will notice for all the right reasons. If you want to be an effective safety communicator and be confident of your skills to persuade others that safety does matter, then this book is for you.

December 19, 2013

Morris Elkins, CSP. CPEA, CPSA, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Finally, a real communications book written for the safety professional. Marie-Claire instructs us on a topic in a captivating manner that is essential for any safety professional who has struggled with communicating important safety messages to protect their workforce. I only wish this book were written 15 years sooner. I could have certainly used it to develop stronger safety cultures in the companies in which I have worked.

The writing style is appealing and entertaining to read. Marie-Claire wrote clearly on a much needed topic that is not particularly understood by many safety professionals. I would readily recommend this book to any colleague who wishes to communicate better those all important safety messages. I am also using what I have read on a project even as I am writing this review.




December 19, 2013

Alison Dillon, Internal Communication Consultant

Whether you're a manager, a communication practitioner, or a safety professional, this is a resource you need to read. It's a powerful reminder about best practice safety communication and, more than that, it provides tips, templates and techniques you can put into practice straight away. 

Everyone has different opinions about what works best when it comes to safety and this can result in message overload where employees ultimately switch off and ignore important messages. Getting 'cut through' in this sort of environment is a big challenge but, if you're responsible for changing safety behaviour in this sort of environment, this book will have you well on your way. The tactics are backed up by science, psychology, and tangible results. Use the information in this book to help you get buy-in and agreement on the type of communication approach that is most effective in achieving positive behavioural change and keeping staff safe.


December 19, 2013

Alistair Camm, HSE Manager, Pacific Aluminium

Marie-Claire has distilled years of experience, effective marketing practices, wide research and wit into what should become a safety professionals best friend. These are techniques that work and applying them will bring your safety program to life – for me it’s a communications adviser that’s there when I need.

This book is written in an easy to digest style with many examples and pictures to back up the content – the book is demonstration that the techniques work. I’m sold on safety!


December 19, 2013

Carla MacKinnon, HSE Coordinator, Pressure Services Inc

I really enjoyed reading the book and was able to immediately implement the information into my safety management system. The information was well laid out and concisely written. I don’t have any background in marketing and found the book to be an easy read for someone brand new to the field.

The examples given were relevant and easily to relatable. This is a book that I have already recommended to my colleagues. It’s a valuable addition to my virtual bookshelf.

December 19, 2013

Mark Kerns, Managing Director, Kern Health

Great leaders, coaches and managers all have the seemingly innate ability to create high performing teams by affecting their perspective and behaviour. As the adage goes - people buy what they believe and this book gives structure to that ideal.

Understanding that you are selling an outcome does not belittle the cause and I don't believe safety is cheap but the message has not been sold well. Marie-Claire is able to leverage off her experience with large marketing research on affecting human behaviour and serves up a process of applying this to health and safety. A practical way to leading safety culture.

December 19, 2013

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